Foreign subtitles

When watching a English speaking USA tv programme and characters start speaking ‘say’ Russian how do I get subtitles in English to understand what they are saying

On what app and player are you doing this?

Sorry not an expert guessing Player is kodi ?

Ok. That’s in Kodi, which I don’t use anymore. There is a crew wiz on the insider @Jayhawks659 . If I ever had any kodi Crew issues I’d ask him.

Thank you I will do that much appreciated

Can’t be done if it’s not on the original video (unlike the subtitle itself which can be switched between languages if, available).

Maybe this will help you

Thanks for taking the time to help me. I will watch the video and see if it helps me. Having seen other posts I am also going to investigate tivi mate and syncler as an alternative to kodi, many thanks again.

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