Football pluS+2 hardly working

I used Football Plus+2 a few months ago and it worked well. Trying it again over the last few days I see that most of the sports channels now fail, as do all the U.K. tv channels I have tried.
I assume others have experienced this. Is there a workaround or is it time to junk this app?
This site is so great - knowing that if you have a problem you can’t resolve but someone else has then they will gat in touch to help.

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If you have a VPN chance it to UK London . It works for me .

Thanks for the suggestion. I am U.K. based and I have tried London & Manchester on my VPN and with the VPN disconnected. All fail. My Football Plus+2 is version 1. Maybe you have a later version which I haven’t updated yet.

I’ve used Plus+2 during the season and it was faultless. After reading your post I loaded it up tonight. Most stations, especially UK are returning a ‘failed’ error.

I think a few of these Apps are not maintained out of season. Could very well be back up and running when the new football season kicks off. Hopefully the developers behind it are taking a well earn break or perhaps configuring updates/improvement.

Version 2 came out July 2

Thanks, I will try it

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