Flashing router for IPVanish install

I am trying to install IPVanish. However, I need to flash my router. I have a Linksys WRT 3200 ACM router running stock Version 1 software. I need to flash it, so I can use IPVanish. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have done some checking into this. I have tried to contact Linksys and IPVanish. Neither gave me help that I could follow and understand. The info. I have found on the Internet is old. I have been using ExpressVPN so I have flashed my router before. It is just this time I can not follow the directions I guess to get this done. I know I can run it on each device, but I really want this set up on my router. I have an email from IPVanish to set it up after flashing that I feel comfortable following. It is the flashing of the router I am struggling with

Really hope someone can help me here.


have you tried DD-WRT ?, I have flashed my 3200acm and 32x with it. but honestly if you are using a android box i would use the app on the box, especially if you watch netflix or hulu and prime, they have software that detects vpn and you cant stream.

I have been to DD-WRT » Support However the file I need to download will download. But when I go to open it, a new tab will just open with the file download option again. Not sure what is up with that. I open it the same way I open every other file.

Here is my devices…

3 Firesticks
3 Amazon Echo’s
2 Smartphones
1 laptop

Those are the devices I want to protect. There are other devices connected to the router, but they don’t really need to be behind a VPN.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

you do know that the 3200acm is a dual partion router ?

Well, see now you are getting in way over my experience level.

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linksys started the dual partion so you could flash on the inactive partition and still keep the linksys firmware on partition one, you have to be careful or you can brick the router

Oh, I know I can make a brick out of this thing for sure real quick. I have to avoid that at all cost. That is why I am looking for advice on how to best proceed with this flash of my router.

DD-WRT » Router Database that is the file I found I need. That is the one that will not open and install.

EDIT…the link did not work. However, it comes up with 2 options.

I have tried to install the 1st one.

This is what happens when I try to use Firefox to open the file.

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you dont open the file, you will need the factory to ddwrt and then log into your router and got administrator tab and where you have the option to install firmware

Oh, okay. Let me see if I can see where I am going. I will post back. Thanks!

Edit…I found the section to update firmware. I am going to go for it. Anything else I should know before starting the installation?

Thank you for sticking with me on this. I am so thankful.

Hello @Hudsondog this is an old video that I did but nothing has really changed from the setup process - How To Install VPN On Router - YouTube

Cool. Thanks man. I am off to check it out. I will be in touch.

Here you go.
DD-WRT IPVanish Setup

Thanks, @Jayhawks659 That is the link I had been given by IPVanish to install it. I just was not registering how to flash my router. I am going to look at the video above and get this figured out.

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Okay, I watched the video and I feel comfortable doing it, I believe. I do have a couple questions.

I did activate this on my Firestick yesterday, and it lost the ability to watch IMDbTV. I could always watch that with my old VPN. I didn’t check any other programs/apps. Was this a configuration issue on my part? Also, with my old VPN I could not watch Amazon Prime. I was just using Kodi to watch my content. It would be nice to watch Prime though. Is there a way to configure IPVanish to allow this? I know I can make different devices not use the VPN. Not sure about different apps though.

So can anyone help me with those questions before I jump in?

I know that Ipvanish has a Split Tunneling option. You can pick which apps you want to bypass the VPN

Perfect @Money I believe that is exactly what I need.

I’m glad… good luck…

Just an update. I am back up and connected to the Internet. Just got to the dd-wrt page and starting the process there.

Thanks guys!

Edit…I am in the Administration>fireware upgrade page. I don’t have the 2nd file that is talked about in the video. Is what I downloaded a all-in-one now since that video was a bit old?

Edit…last one til I await some help. I have my router flashed and can see the dd-wrt page. However my router is not broadcasting a wifi signal. How do I get it to broadcast the wifi signal?

I am good on the flash and wifi issue.

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