Firetv wontturn on

My fire tv won’t turn on ?


It be nice if you where a little more descriptive.

Smart fire tv?

Is there power? Are you hooked up to wall plug and not the TV? What’s going on here.

Was watching tv and the screen just went blank

There is power and hooked to tv


Plug your firestick in to a wall plug use the cables it came with, don’t use the TV port.

You mean take it out of the hdmi on back of tv

The remote is. Not working


Yes, it should never be in the TV that way. Needs more power.

Sounds like you had a strange power surge or the stick overheated.

What @TP-Dracoo is saying the power cable for your firestick should be plugged into the wall outlet. The firestick itself of course needs to be plugged into your HDMI port. As for the remote maybe try re-pairing the remote( there’s a TROYPOINT tutorial) simply search pairing firestick remote, change the batteries or get the fire tv remote app on your phone and use that as a remote if in fact your remote is broken. Hope this helps. :facepunch:t3:

BAM :boom:



Thanks bam, I was trying tonsay that. Just didn’t word it out.

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