FireTV stick settings, Clean Master TV app

Hello All.

I just recently installed my FireTv stick, and found out something strange. When I hover over the settings, each setting category is listed twice. I click on the first one, and it goes back to the home screen. When I click on the second one, you get the setting menu. Is there a way to delete the setting duplicate, or I am stuck with it. Any help is appreciated.

Also, I download the Clean Master app from Filelinked, and it does show up in my app library. It shows up in the app manager, but no where else. When I launch it, it starts to scan, but cuts off after a couple of seconds. Any help with this issue would greatly be apprecicated.

restore fire stick to factory settings and start over

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If it is the 4K Fire Stick Clean Master is not compatible.

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Ok thank you for the info.

What is a great cleaner besides ES Explorer which is now $9.99 a month.