Firetv stick 4k max issue with X-Plore

When I go in to X-Plore, it doesn’t display my external USB drive. I have apps loaded on it, but I can’t see it. Also when I open the root, I see a message that states “Your device seems to be not rooted”. Anyone have a solution for this? I have safely ejected my USB drive, rebooted the firetv, plugged the USB drive back in and still the same. I uninstalled X-Plore and reinstalled(it reinstalled on the USB). I tried using Total Commander and was less successful with using it since I’m not familiar with it, but still couldn’t see my external storage. I’m not sure what else to try.

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There is a toggle switch in “tweaks” to enable USB Driver.
Go to the center bar menu>more>tweaks>Use X-plore USB Driver. It’s the very last one on the page.

Don’t know if that will help. I don’t have it enabled on mine and my USB file shows on the home page.

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