FireTV Stick 4K MAX Continues to Go to Sleep

FireTV Stick 4K MAX continues to go to sleep regardless of the sleep set to NEVER. Please help

Could it be an HDMI-CEC setting that you have turned on your tv and stick? That links them together so it turns off when the tv goes off. Im just thinking out loud, trying to brainstorm lol.

Don’t think so…old firestick worked great (until it didn’t). Did not change any TV settings or HDMI links or anything – just bought the MAX and installed per Amazon sheet. Set the sleep to never but it has no effect – it just shuts down and I lose the place where I was in whatever app and have to start all over again.

You can’t change the sleep time on a Firestick without root access and that’s not something I would recommend. What you’ve set to “never” is the screensaver.

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Thanks for the insight…Just HOW does one kill the sleep on the MAX??

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As I mentioned you can’t. Yes if you have mad tech skills you can get “root” access on the Max but one, even minor, mistake and your Max is bricked. Not even basic ADB shell commands will work, it has to be in the core programming found in the “root”.

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Wow…beside the fact that it is disgustingly inconvenient…I find no earthly reason they would
not allow the option to the owner of the stick. At 80+; I am long out of gas to attempt something so off the wall…but I do thank you for the prompt input. Guess I am just stuck.

Oh trust me, this is something thousands upon thousands of Firestick owners have complained to Amazon about.

I love the specs of this stick, but my fear is that Amazon will eventually eliminate all ability to customize for us cord cutters. I have a couple FireTVs left in my house, but may flip them all over at some point.

I got a KM2 to give me an option if Amazon continues to “lock” the FireTV OS down.

Just an old German here…cannot let things go! I am waiting to see if this works (just did it) — but; found this URL that seems to address the sleep problem. Have no idea what I did but I followed the instructions and they appear to have worked! Just an FYI. How to Prevent Firestick From Sleeping - Streamers World

There are a couple of other URLs associated with this instruction set so it was a bit cumbersome going back and forth trying to follow the instructions but I think I did it correctly. There is a video on one of the pages that helped me complete the process.

Hey nice find thanks. Going to install the ADB Shell from Troy’s RAI right away and give this a go. Again tx.

10-4 no problem —thank you for keeping my interest up

TV still going strong

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I’ve entered the command but now need to find the ADB command to check and see if it’s done properly. I remember something about this from a couple years ago. Thank you for this. Lol. I have already done it, I completely forgot. Oh well nothing like a refresher course.

What is the command?? I mean the command to check it.

settings get system screen_off_timeout

Mine returns a number 2147460000
I do know that 60000 is 1 minute.

Sorry I took so long finishing this, I needed to check something else

settings get system sleep_timeout

For this one mine returns “null” so I assume that means there is no sleep timeout as null = 0

Love this learning. :grinning:

I think that is about 596 hours – if so; good enough for me

Yup I think we are good to go mine is still chugging along so I will just accept your effort

Well thankyou for inspiring an old topic to be revived, especially with your search efforts.