FireTV and Available Space

I’m trying to watch the first season of Chicago PD, and after, but none of my usual apps (Cinema, Cyber, CatMouse) can seem to find a decent link. I have ~200Mbps showing but nothing is working in anything. Having a Real Debrid account is useless as no links of quality are being found. The shows just keep buffering and driving me bat-crap crazy. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi There,
There are several things you can try. Since I am not aware of what you have or have not done, i will list them here.
I can tell you that I have Real Debrid and it works fabulous.
Make sure that your RD acct is up to date.
I dont know what device you are using. If it is a firestick you might check and make sure that the cache has been cleared recently.
Then with all of the things going on lately it might be a good idea to delete the apps and reinstall.
I use Unlock My Tv. Great App!! and Kodi for all of those types of shows.
I also recently upgraded to the New Cube and it’s totally awesome.
These are just some things you can try. They have all worked for me at 1 time or another.
Good Luck!

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I have the new cube and noticed the same thing. Thought it was just the apps. Going to compare it against one of my Firesticks and see what happens…was doing it on catmouse, unlock and TV Zion.

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cube is working great, needed to renew my real-debrid. I wish they would let you know that your subscription is due for renewal.

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Is it just that show or others at the time as well?

Since I rarely experience buffering using both a 4K stick & version 2, here are the things I do on a regular basis that may be of help:

-Router is re-booted early every morning to clean any garbage & memory, then it seeks the fastest signal from my provider. (I just use a manual timer to do it automatically).
-Clean my device using SD Maid. Get yourself a copy at this FileLink address: 50853985
-Some Individual apps still need their cache cleaned. Can’t find an app that does it all…
-Reboot device

Only other thing I would add is to change the video player in the app when buffering.

I use TV Zion a lot because I like how it automatically begins the program with the best link once it has identified 5 links. I tested Chicago Fire and it ran like a charm…sorry…((

Best of Luck in getting it figured out.

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So, I have discovered another issue with reaching 1/2 century. My memory is shite. I hadn’t renewed my Real-Debrid, which richlibel had reminded me to check. Weird thing was I was still getting purple HQ links in CatMouse, for what reason, I’ll never know. Anyway, I am now getting great link in HD, although none exist in actual 1080, 4K, etc. I do not particularly care as I cannot see the difference very well anyway as long as it isn’t SD.

I also really liked the cleanup ideas from dnoson. I plan on implementing them very soon.

Thanks for all the help from everyone and to Troy for creating this forum.