Firetv 4k speeds

I had my internet checked, systems cleaned, new cabling…speed check afterwards using a laptop was 400Mbps. My firetv is 20-25ft from the router (there is a wall between but it’s not actually cutoff as it’s an open floor concept). When I run speeds using I’m only getting about 60-70Mbps. What sort of speeds should I be expecting? FYI - VPN is off when running the test.

Are you using the 5 ghz band, not the 2.4ghz?

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Yes I am using 5ghz band. Just ran test again and got 165Mbps. Much better. Should I be getting the max speed possible, meaning if the laptop runs and gets 400Mbps, should the stick get the same?

The fastest speeds should come from a hardwired laptop/box that directly connects to router (no VPN). Depending on your router capabilities, this will decrease as you get farther away (obviously). The newest standard Wifi6 (802.11ax) really helps vs older Wifi5 routers/boxes. You would have to have a wifi6 capable router, and the FireTV Max offers that standard too, so that pair should be the fastest wifi speeds around your house. My fireTV (wifi5) that is 12 feet from my router just ran 275 Mbps without vpn and I have 400Mbps internet service.

Yeah, wired I’m right around 1Gbps. The router is wifi5, so that’s what I’m stuck with. Comparing your speed to mine, and the distance from the routers, my speed seems fairly typical. Thanks for confirming.

The one thing all firesticks suffer from is range cap. Its perfomes best within 10 feet. After that it drops.

Gotcha. Working on getting it wired so the issue is hopefully temporary. :+1:

Don’t forget when connecting ethernet to a Firestick it has a 10/100 switch, so are limited to that. In some cases speeds will actually be faster with WiFi and in particular 5GHz or the new WiFi 6. But either way you’ll have plenty of speed for streaming.

When I first started cord cutting, I bought Amazon’s ethernet adapter and didn’t realize it was 10/100 or even really what that meant. Once I did, I threw that adapter away and just used it on Wifi and even with wifi5 it was so much faster. I am still a big believer in hard wiring where possible. I think it takes out a lot of variables and inconsistencies that wifi has, but I refuse to use one less than a gigabit port.

Firestick Ethernet Adapter - How to Setup & Improve Download Speeds (


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