Firestick USB Formats

I am really new here but I used the instructions on increasing firestick storage and ran into a issue. I wound up unformatted the usb and once I installed it back into the otg cable the firestick popped up a text explaining two options. They give you an choice between internal or external storage. I chose the internal and now I am using the USB for install space. I am hoping now the USB will show up as a shared drive when i use the xplore app. Ain’t this stuff cool?


I can see a list of apps but can not find out how to view the memory stick as a drive.
Hoping someone will reply to your or my post and help us out.


When you can Troypoint has a great article on doing this.

It is here,

It has worked well for me. It is 2 parts with pages 1 - 28 dealing with the most current firestick.

Take Care!

I have tried two different USB’s; both work, but they don’t always show up when checking “My Fire TV” in settings. One time it may show as USB detected, but if I go to XPlore, or whatever, then go back into Settings, “My Fire TV”, it may not detect the USB.
One USB has apps on it, but not the other. Can someone help me out here?

Brownmike here,
I found the same issue. This current set up using firestick with a otg and USB Drive doesn’t quite work the same way say if you use a similar set up with a raspberry. The one way I found is using the X-Plore File Manager App if you want to move apk files around. This procedure is on Troypoint web site.
I also wanted to pass on you really need to look at the TROYPOINT APP. I have just loaded it and folks we have got a great resource here. Also, take the time to watch the videos and you will be able to figure the whole process. Either on the web sites but also YouTube.
Ain’t this cool?

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