Firestick update OS from OS 6 to OS7

I bought a fire stick 4K model #E9L29Y. after many months I decided I would check and see if there was any updates for the OS. I forget the original OS version, but after updating it I now have version I bought this because the 4K was supposed to have OS 7. is there a way to upgrade the OS to version 7, or am I possibly doing something wrong in the installed update tab?.

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That is an older 2018 1st gen and will have FireTV OS 6 based on Nougat 7.1. It won’t be updated to FireTV 7.


OS6 devices (the Firestick 4k) get ongoing updates but not to OS7 (as indicated above).

The problem is, Amazon still considers FireTV OS 6 as a viable OS and is still installing it on some new devices. So for now we’re stuck with both.

Thanks folks. Google is where I got my information and it says the 4K max has OS7. I just like the features that OS7 has.

Just reread my original post and noticed that I said 4K when it is actually a 4K max. So if anybody knows how to get OS7 on the fire stick 4K max I would appreciate your input.

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If an update is available it will show in the settings and you will have an “update available” or “install update” to click. Also the model number you quoted is a 3rd gen 2018 4k not a max. If you’re unsure of your precise model get the “informer” app and it will give you the precise specs.

My 4K Max, already had OS 7 installed on it

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Yes, all 4k Max sticks should have come with OS7.

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Well I’m feeling a little stupid and taken advantage of. I was told that this was a 4K max and posted my request for an upgrade to OS7. Well I dug into it and all of you smart people out there are correct. It is just a 4K not the 4K max. So I goofed big-time.

Can anybody have a link to how to increase the storage so that all downloads go to external storage and not internal storage.
I am having troubles getting back to this page to read the replies. So be patient if I don’t respond very quickly.

Thanks to all and especially to MIKI, You hit the nail on the head, but I kept believing that I had a 4K max. Now I know I do not.

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Thanks MIKI!
I will check out the link you sent as soon as time permits. Kind of buried in projects right now. Check back in three or four days please.

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You got my curiosity up, who’d you buy that stick from.?