FireStick timing out intermittently

When viewing IPTV channels on my FireStick, my connection times out every 40 seconds for about 3 seconds and then returns to the program. This continuously happens nonstop all day long while in this program. This is happening on all three of my TV’s with FireStick’s. I’ve checked my internet speeds and everything is fine. This only happens when viewing IPTV programs, so this leads me to believe it’s not my internet provider. Do you know what’s happening and how to fix it?

I have 4 iptv subs and a 4K Max and don’t have any issues. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “timing out”. If you mean buffering then in TiViMate go to settings>playback>Buffer size and experiment with the various size buffers. Also if this happens every time on the same channels I recommend contacting your IPTV service provider and let them know, sometimes it’s an issue like “stuttering” and if they know which channel they can fix it. Also make sure on each playlist entered that you click on each one and scroll down to the bottom and set “Update interval,hours” Mine is set to 24 and I turned on “Update on app start”. Also go into EPG and set it’s update interval. I also enable “Update on app start” and “Store program descriptions”.
Now if it’s buffering while watching a channel in full screen, you can hit “enter” on the remote then click “up” once, scroll right and click the little “live” icon, which will clear the buffer and start the channel again.
Have fun and STREAM ON!

To be more clear, by timing out I should have said it freezes up and 3 seconds later the program continues on for another 40 seconds and then freezes again (repeat, repeat, repeat). By the time I hit enter, arrow up and click on LIVE, the program has resumed. This happens on all my IPTV channels. My provider said it wasn’t on their end and to check with my ISP . . They as well showed No problem. I changed my buffering settings and followed all the other suggestions you made, but it’s still doing it.

What are your speeds and what VPN are you using? Have you tried changing servers? Do you have Duplicate channels you can test? Have you tried using a free playlist to see if they also buffer? Try say pluto
and see if their channels work. Another good free one you could try.

One more suggestion I have. Make sure your free space is around 1.5 GB and install Fast Task Killer and use it before an iptv session to see if freeing up RAM helps.

That freeze is a buffer. It just that the buffer is too short of a time for the spinner to appear, but that is a buffering issue.

Clear cache and force stop if it still continues reboot your device. Still happening unplug modem/router and device for several minutes (10+ minutes).

How many devices are active at the same time. What quality of content you are streaming. Test using SD and test using HD.

Clear out all cache from all apps on your device. Background Apps and Process Lists is a good app to have. Also, the Fast Task Killer app is another good one.

Btw, I have seen this happen on my device, but that usually occurs when I am using one of lesser quality iptv services. My premium service I have never seen that issue occur, So, imho, it’s most likely due to your provider’s quality of service. Some of these low end/cost services over enroll. Thereby, stifling their servers with too much load.

One last suggestion to find out more definitively is to connect directly using an ethernet. That is your strongest and most stable connection. If it is still “freezing” then my suspicion is your iptv service is overloaded and struggling to keep up.

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There literally are hundreds and hundreds of variables that can cause buffering. Miki and PF listed some of the most common reasons and some things that you can try and see if you see improvement. When talking more specifically about IPTV, so many issues are on the supplier’s end. If your issues go away with a legal playlist, I would bet your service provider is to blame and can help address the issue. If they claim it isn’t them and aren’t willing to help, I would say try another service. If it continues on other services, you must have deeper issues going on. Miki asked also, but what are your internet speeds with VPN on?

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I loaded the Pluto link and everything works fine on that platform . I cleared cache, etc and still have same issue with my IPTV channels.

If the Pluto link works perfectly then that is definitive proof that it is your iptv supplier. Either they have over sold the stream or the servers. Pluto is no different an IPTV service then the one you buy. They just have multiple servers and make sure not to overload those servers.

My current Speed is 470 Mbps
Latency Unloaded 8 ms
Latency Loaded 19 ms
Upload 48 Mbps

I don’t have a VPN that I’m aware of.

Not having a vpn is putting you at risk if your iptv service does not have the proper licensing. Everywhere throughout Troy’s site, and this forum, emphasis is placed on securing your anonymity by having a vpn and using it for your own safety and security. Without a VPN there is a very good chance that your Internet Provider is aware of your IPTV watching and may be throttling your stream when you are watching IPTV.

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Should I go into my Downloader and search for Surfshark to install it or is there a code I can put in? What is the best way to do that?

Scroll down in this post. There is a SurfShark ad/link there. Click on it.

I added Surfshark on my phone . . How do I get it on the TV?

Surfshark: secure online VPN service & more

Surfshark VPN - Private & Safe - Apps on Google Play

Troypoint, Unlinked, website are all easy ways to get the app.

I loaded SurfShark on my first TV and now when I pull up my IPTV channels, they are all black screens with the buffering circle spinning in the middle . . Screen says Playback error.

Check your speed with the vpn enabled.

Also, check the Pluto m3u you installed.

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Pluto works fine. My speed is only 84 now.

sup Jayne…

Soundz to me like u dont have enuff connections for yor devices
(How many cnnctns do u hv from provdr?)

Also another way to fix player studdering or lagging is to Open the channel in external plyer, then back out to native chnnl (this will fix plyr lag, stuttrng, & freezing sum of the time)
It wont fix buffng

heres how-
Hold OK…
(Multi settings appears)
Dwn to extrnal plyr…
(Play for a few secnds… return)

U can also designate a remote button for this


I have 3 connections with provider. As far as opening an external player - I’m lost!