Firestick Remote Control Volume Display

After changing from 4K Max first edition to a 4K Max second edition on late model Samsung TV. The volume is displayed on screen when making a change using the firestick remote. This does not happen when using 4K Max first edition remote. Is there a way to stop or hide the display and still only use firestick remote? Thanks

I have a 4kMax and a 4KMax SE and both display the volume on my TV(?) The Firestick setup must have used very slightly different IR codes (there are multiple codes for Samsung TVs).

Thank you for replying. Is there a way to find the IR code sent from my remotes? I do not hear well and often change the volume and the on screen display is distracting.

Not that I’m aware of. You can try using the manual equipment control setup on the firestick that’s got the OSD. But I think the one without it is the quirky one as I’ve never seen one without the OSD.