Firestick rebooting spontaneously

I have a 4k firedtick and once a night it has spontaneously restarted. Any ideas as to why and what to do to prevent it.

That sounds like an older 4k. They will overheat and spontaneously reboot. I had a small fan I put behind the TV for air flow.


I had this happen to me. It turned out to be a bad HDMI cable


My guess, too :fire: hot.

I had same issue and it was hot. Tried all the fixes and nothing. it got to the point it was happening 3 -8 times a day. Amazon replaced Firestick. Maybe they will help u?


Make sure you’re using the power adapter and cable supplied by Amazon and not the TV’s USB port for power.

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I just came back from a customer who moved and his 4K Firestick was constantly rebooting. I tried everything and finally got a new brick and power cord and installed them, problem solved. But if this is an occasional reboot problem then I’m still leaning towards over heating. I shut the power off every night on my 4K Max.

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Thanks to everyone for their thoughts. It’s not an everyday problem and only seems to have happened when I am watching something on my iptv service. Never when I’m watching anything on Kodi or directly from Amazon prime.

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