Firestick loading

I need some advice on why when I turn on my firestick the screen is black with just the word loading…. I did uninstall the flaucher app and believe that’s when it started
I can hold the home button and get to my apps that w, but can’t get onto to settings?? Last resort is to set to factory but trying to avoid

Holding the home button for 5-10 seconds should activate an option screen with a “settings” icon on the far right.

Thanks miki, tried that goes right back to loading

Hope you followed Troypoints advice.
" VERY IMPORTANT: If you wish to return to the original firestick interface you must enable the stock launcher first. DO NOT delete the app as it may result in a complete loss of User Interface."


I hope that isn’t what they did. You need to use the launcher manager and return your interface to the stock launcher, and then click your home button to return to the stock home page and then delete the launcher and launcher manager if that’s what you want to do.


Thx for the help, but I wish I asked first. I’m sure I didn’t follow those steps as suggested, so now I’m going to be seeing a black screen with the word loading unless I bring back to factory settings, which I didn’t want to do

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