Firestick lite access issues

Hi not sure what happened but I can only access my apps from the settings menu and can’t get signed into my App Store after updating , any ideas guys?

I had one customer with this issue and resolved it by completely unplugging the stick from the tv and from power, waited for a couple of minutes and plugged it back in. Then the apps were accessible on the home screen. Please make sure you plug the stick into a proper power outlet and not the USB power on the TV.


Thanks will try now but this doesn’t explain why I can’t sign into the App Store do you have any ideas on the cause or solution?

Hmmm sorry no. I’ve never had to sign into the app store independent of the Firesticks I’ve programmed. As long as I’m signed into the Firestick it opens the app store when I want to search, by clicking on it. Although in my case I’m using the Wolf Loader right now and can’t search the app store but can browse in it. Try what I suggested as the login for the app store may be tied into your overall app issues.

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