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Reporting a minor but very annoying problem with my firestick 4K. When powering up firestick the top section of the home page is blank unless I manually restart stick. Next time I power up, same thing. I have unplugged/re-plugged modem and router as well as WiFi extender with no success. Have looked on internet for solutions and have not found anything for this issue. All aps continue to play well but I would rather not be restarting stick every time I power up. Gas anyone else seen this problem?

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Sounds like a network timing issue. Have you restarted your router and modem?

Several times. No luck.

Is this with the Amazon home page or a custom launcher? If it is the regular home page, what if you used Launch on Boot and a custom launcher like Wolf? It may boot right past that issue and still have your apps nice and orderly. The second thing may be to factory reset the stick. I’m sure it doesn’t sound like fun to reinstall the apps you have, but sometimes is necessary to fix random, unexpected issues like this.

Its the regular home page. Will wait a bit to see additional replies before trying custom launcher. Last resort of course would be factory reset, but as you guessed, I am resisting this course of action.

Desjfe, I have the same issue everytime I turn my firestick on. I restart it and everything is fine until I go back to homescreen where either the top half or the whole thing is blank. Bar works fine though. I have changed settings in IPV to no avail.

Thanks for your reply ED. I’ve looked for a solution everywhere I can think of including Firestick/Amazon customer service( don’t waste your time with Amazon help, they’re useless). Will continue living with situation and maybe something will pop up in the future…

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I experience the same problem as well. It’s been going on for about a month and a 1/2. My gateway was/is going in and out. Spent the morning talking to ATT my internet provider. I was told spotty service was due to the old lines and Modem, which In a fear with seeing this service. My area is being upgraded to Fiber Optic line. I was told upgrade will end my spotty service.

I get the upgrade at no out of pocket cost and a lifetime monthly rate of $45. I was told there was no data limits, but not sure I believe there will be no data usage limits.

Sorry for being so wordy

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VPN on or off? If using one, try turning it off.

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