Firestick Home Apps

Is there any way to pin my apps on the firestick home page. Ever time I clear my app catches and I have to move them back.

Use a custom launcher like Wolf Launcher. Get rid of all the bloatware.

That’s probably a good idea. I used to use Wolf but uninstalled it in my purge to save space on the stick before adding a memory stick. But it still annoys me that this ginormous company with all the tech wizards can’t design a simple pinning method for ones fav apps.

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They would rather take up as much space as possible with advertisements. You know, because they don’t make enough money already.

Today’s news regarding the Facebook insider (with documentation) certainly supports your comment on the $$$$. Seriously, how rich can you be before you care more about people than cash.

I already set up Wolf and decide to launch with Kodi since has all my android apps all set up. I’ll see how this works out.

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