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Is there a way to move an external memory thumb drive from one firestick to another without reformatting? When I do this, the firestick isn’t recognizing the thumb drive, even though it had one previously. When I switch it back to the original firestick it works.

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You didn’t format it as internal memory or anything, right? The whole drive is just formatted as FAT32?



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Along with what @Jayhawks659 mentioned there is a guide posted in this category about how to do this.

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Ok Here’s the deal. I have two Firesticks both set up with the external memory. The one in the dining room was acting up (turning off & on by itself occasionally) so I thought I would swap it with the bedroom Firestick to see if the problem moved with the Firestick or stayed with the power supply or thumb drive memory stick. I was hoping to keep the memory with the TV so we wouldn’t lose our history, favorites etc. I’m no computer geek but am fair at troubleshooting and following instructions. VegaLeivas looks like he may be on to something.

Thanks, I looked but didn’t find anything. I’ll check again.


It’s pinned, click on the burger stack and select hardware category it’s there.

You’ve misunderstood my question I think. True external memory should be just plug and play. Like moving a thumb drive from one computer to the next. Meaning you didn’t follow any of the guides on here to expand INTERNAL memory or do any special formatting aside from making sure that the drive is in FAT32 format. If your fire stick put any system files on the drive then it’s not going to be recognized by the other fire stick. What steps did you take up setup your drive on the first fire stick (the one it works on)?


If what you are actually asking about is cloning your settings then see this post.


I just followed the instructions on expanding the memory for Firestick on Troypoint. I have several set up that same way and are working fine. I’m just used to plugging thumb drives into computers and accessing files without doing anything special and was hoping the Firesticks would be no different. Guess they don’t work the same way.

Send me the link you followed so I can look at the steps you did.

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Yeah, see you went through the steps to format your drive as INTERNAL storage. I made a whole post about this. If you moved your apps and stuff onto the thumb drive there is no way to transfer it to another device.

If you use the thumb drive like normal (just putting videos, pictures, etc. on it) then you don’t need to do all that. All you needed to do is make sure the drive is formatted as FAT32. But this doesn’t “backup” any of your apps or settings or anything. I think that’s what you are trying to accomplish?

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The apps (like Cinema or Kodi) are loaded on the thumb drive with all the history, favorites settings, etc. for each app and I was just trying to move all that info from one Firestick to another by simply plugging it in but evidently each thumb drive is “assigned” to whatever Firestick it was set up with and can’t be plugged in to another Firestick without formatting it which would delete all the info I’m trying to save (I think). I was just hoping there was some easy way to do this. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not too bright when it comes to computer terminology and actions so there’s that! HA!


Rapid app installer setup video.

I would highly suggest watching the full setup video for the rapid app installer. It does alot of things including getting apps and everything you need for your firesticks.

If you happen to use Tivimate with an IPTV service then that is the only app I can think of that will allow you to create a backup of all your settings.

Also, if you use an account like Trakt with your apps for streaming movies and shows and mark things as favorites then it saves your preferences to your account, not your device. All you have to do is install the app on your other device and login with Trakt. All your favorites and viewing history will automatically update when you link your account.

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