Firestick and cube storage ram allocation

Troy is the best how2 firestick on youtube IMHO…First post hope listing as a link on previous post is OK. I’ve added USB/OTG to my Firestick for the express purpose of increasing cache to prevent buffering. All is well and I can see the new memory as external.

I’m afraid I only know enough to be dangerous but would love to know if my intent is futile or do I just need to learn to convert my OTG USB SD micro 64gb memory to internal for using advancedsettings.xml for increased cache size. Here is what I’ve asked others and not receiving any response:

I added a 64GB SD Scandisk to my Firestick 4K MAX and loaded Kodi (w/Supreme Builds Titanium) onto the resulting external drive. My question is how I can partition to use some of all that memory for cache/RAM. I want to pause my streaming video and let it load enough of the stream to prevent any buffering; my main purpose in adding the SD card. I have a preset advancedsettings.xml per the Supreme Build Titanium build set for large and max cache settings on the slider adjustment in the .xml. How can I adjust that xml to direct that cache use a substantial enough memory beyond the real time stream of the video. I understand the multiples of bits—>gigabytes. I’m more interested in how I devote a portion of my 64GBs on the SD card to the cache in that .xml. Or is that automatically determined just by having Kodi installed on the SD card?

I’m thinking of using ROEHSOFT Ram Expander app but not sure about the internal vs external addition of the SD mirco OTG addition. Would I be better to load my Kodi on the Firestick itself THEN move/install everything else to the SD card?

Thanks to all in advance

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I changed your topic, there is a post on this on how to change things, I changed it to match what you are posting. Please don’t make any edits. It’s so people can search solutions to match the topic.

Make sure you are reading everything.

Now, I wouldnt use ram programs to do what your doing. The stick has limited storage and ram. Plus the bigger your usb the more power it takes to run that storage.

I wouldn’t tweak using ram tools for this as it won’t solve anything, you will just increase your power draw resulting in higher heat.

I’d use kodi with single addons, also check out my topic on buffering.


thanks for the advise…you talked me out of ram expanders. quick question: if i pull out my usb sd mirco card can i install IPvanish and Kodi onto the Firestick internal without reverting back to factory? I’ve already done the USB format to internal thing on Firestick.

Thanks for all

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