Firestick 4K Max

Hey guys, I see this is coming in the next few days and was wondering would it be better to hold off on buying this as the OS is “Fire OS 7 (Android 9)” instead of the one currently in use which is “Fire OS 6 (Android 7.1)”

Would I be correct in saying that there could maybe be app issues with this version and maybe better to hold off until the app creators catch up to the new OS?

I had actually added one for pre-order but then deleted it from my basket for this reason alone. I think the only real benefit for me at the minute over the current 4K stick would be the Wifi 6 as my equipment is Wifi 6 with a 1 gigabyte connection but to be honest my current 4K stick will connect at over 700Mbps at the minute on 5Ghz band and considering Ultra HD 4K uses 25Mbps minimum but a recommend connection of 50Mbps I’ve got way more than enough on my current 4K stick.

So really the bottom line is I am getting 40% faster device, 500mb extra memory, AVI decoding and a few extra buttons on the remote plus PIP which is only relevant if I have a Ring doorbell which I don’t. I’m thinking it might be better to wait a while and hold out for a cheaper deal in the future instead of rushing into things.

What are your thoughts?

Don’t forget the faster CPU and GPU along with updated coding. I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on one. You’re lucky, I never could find any working pre order link. Unfortunately where I am I doubt I’ll see the new wifi protocols any time soon.

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