Firestick 4k Max shows page it can't access on boot

Hi Everyone, I wonder if this is happened to someone else. We have other Firesticks that seem to work fine, but our only 4k Max turned on this morning, suddenly forgot its wi-fi network, and tries to show a webpage it can’t access. This almost seems like virus behavior so I’ll probably have to reinitialize it. I just wanted to check to see if it was something else.

Oddly, our other firesticks are set up the same way. We don’t download anything to it in terms of media, just the same APK’s we all use CINEMA, Kodi, IPTV Smarters, etc. along with apps like Disney+, Discovery+, etc.

I’ve been following Troy and Troypoint for years so this isn’t new to me just curious what the community is finding. I’ll post the solution too so it helps others.

If you can install an app then add
Once on that screen can you hold down the home button then go to settings>network and choose your network ssid and log back in? If so add defsquid and do a virus scan. I’ve never personally seen or heard of this happening to anyone else.

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Unless the device is corrupt I’d rub a virus scan if you can, the above is a good app to use.

Can you use the stick enough to get that installed and see?

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Thank you so much for the feedback. The Firestick says “connection error” to a wi-fi connection it should no and no other device on my network is affected. I tried to forget adn reconnect but the same result. I also have a network adapter connected to it but this won’t sign on either. I did not get installed when I first set it up but if I have to reinstall I certainly will plus add it to my other devices.

I may try one last time later tonight and will post the solution either way once I have it. Just wanted to see if this was a Firestick update issue or a virus.
Thanks again,

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