I have a Firestick 4K. With my VPN I download at 110 mbps. My router is is only about 18” from my tv. My question is this. I have tried a few IPTV providers and have not been able to find one that doesn’t buffer so much I give up trying to watch. Is this just the way it is with a Firestick? I try watching a hockey game and will buffer usually ever 10 seconds.

Hi @Barz1
Yes most likely, especially if you are using it wirelessly. If you want to try and reduce or eliminate buffering, may want to consider hardwiring your device directly to your router, using an Ethernet cable. @TROYPOINT has a video about 15 quick ways to eliminate buffering and walks you through what to do.

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With those download speeds you should not get buffering like that. Install and use fast task killer & Background Apps And Processes. Try using a different location in your VPN. I suggest keeping 1GB of free space on your stick. Don’t overload it with unneeded apps. Golden rule, if you don’t use it delete it. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by hardwiring the stick via an ethernet adapter with the proximity of your router to the stick and your speeds with VPN active. What I would suggest is switching to the 5Ghz band, much faster over short distance than the 2.4 Ghz. Often you will have a choice of servers to choose when streaming football, try each one to see if you can get a smoother stream.


Thank you for your feedback. I felt the same way about the hard wire. I will try what you suggested. Thank you.

No, firestick with that speed is absolutely fine. Hardwire wont change things. Could possibly be the service’s you are trying. Could also be a few other factors vpn included.

Id say use 5 over 2.4 no matter the circumstances with streaming. Alot of isp 2.4 seem to be randomly dropping in and out for some reason. Very well explained and accurate advice you gave.

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One more thing that all of us have not taken into account is the DNS. Could be beneficial to you to switch your DNS server.

Sorry that is incorrect info. 5 Ghz is faster but only in line of site under around 30ft. If you have obstructions like walls and doors between your modem and firestick or other device then 2.4Ghz works better.

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I dont think you understand what I was saying. Yes, you’re correct. However, there has been recent issues with 2.4 with fios,spectrum, and comcast. For some reason the actual connection will drop for very short times over and over which can cause havoc with streaming but mostly ip services.

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In theory yes. But the stronger your connection the less it will drop.

Packet loss will still happen but if it’s a strong connection chances are it won’t effect your stream. If it’s quick. If you notice you have a bar when streaming, puase and let that load up a bit get ahead.

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