Firestick 4k debloating

Just want to give a shout out to troypoint for answering a question before I asked it. Just upgraded to a 4K firestick recently, and everything was working fine. But after a few days we noticed there was buffering and not as many sources as we usual get. Since I have Real-Debrid, I assumed we should have more sources. We had to unplug or restart the firestick just about everyday. So we got an email from troypoint about debloating, which would improve performance on the firestick, which I believe he said would only work on the 4K firestick. After performing that task, we haven’t had to unplug or restart the stick in over a week.

I have had problems in that I have been unable to play any Amazon content and when I got to thinking what had I done that was difference oh, it was the debloating something in the bloating what’s needed the run the Amazon content, so I reversed the atoms that I was getting rid of which was everything, and now Amazon content is working fine. I would like to know what the things do that we were discontinuing in the debloating so that I could get rid of the things that I can do without and leave the things that I need. Anybody have a good answer for that or where to find out what the different items in the list that weed the bloated do.

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