Firebox not booting

Has anyone experienced the firebox not booting, showing a black screen with only the Amazon logo on the screen? Can the firebox be compromised with viruses with a VPN running? I have tried the fixes suggested online. The box seems to be dead. Any suggestions?

If you did a hard reset and it still won’t boot it sounds like it’s dead.

I never had the opportunity to do a reset. I couldn’t get in to do it. Do you think it’s still dead?

I take it that you’ve already pulled the plug from the box (I’m assuming it’s the Fire Cube) - both the power cord to your electrical outlet AND the cable connecting it to the TV – no cords attached to the Fire Cube, waited at least 30 seconds (a minute would be ideal) to let any capacitors completely discharge, and reconnected. If you’ve already done this, what happened?

I’ve had my Fire TV do something similar awhile ago, and following this procedure made it all right again. Hope you found this helpful!

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