Fire TV Stcik 4K Max Brief Review and Remote Comments

I’ve had the new stick for a few weeks now, bought it when it first shipped & traded in a 4K one. Generally like it, Troy’s review is pretty spot on.

I also replace my cable modem/router with a new wifi 6 Arris G36. Seems to be less buffering with it, no problems installing apps & such. Video quality is fine. Download speeds are good, I get about 80 with IPVanish, about 400 without.

I really don’t get the actual need for the extra buttons on the remote, sales weasel marking thing I guess. I mean, the apps are available or already installed & it’s not a hardship to just pick one in the menu.

Also, the remote simply feels more flimsy than the past ones did (I had a Firestick, 3 Firestick 4K’s on multiple TV’s and set up a 4K for my daughter) and the remotes have all felt solid. This one flexes in use. Doesn’t seem to cause any problems but it is annoying and just makes it feel cheap in comparison.

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