Fire Tv HDMI problems

Hello there , just wondering if any of you Tech wizards may be able to assist me :blush:
I have a JVC fire edition tv , the one with a firestick built in , for want of a better description , and I’m trying to play my old PlayStation 3 on it but I can’t get it to show up on the screen through any of the HDMI sockets or with any HDMI cables that I have in the house.
I know the cables are fine as the PS3 plays on every other TV .
Is there a setting that I should be switching on or off that I’m unaware of ?
One more thing , when I first got the tv I got rid of the Amazon bloatware etc using the Tech Doctor tutorial . Could I have possibly disabled something that I now need ? Just a thought …
Anyway I’d appreciate any help or advice anybody can offer ?
Thanks :pray:t2:

The first thing I would use is the debloat tool and undo everything. Then test and see if your PS3 works and you will have your answer. After that, if it works, it will take some reading and searching to determine the exact module that gets disabled so you don’t disable it when you do your debloating. There was a guy on here that made the debloat tool but I don’t remember his name. Maybe someone will know.

I’d check your PS3 output settings before going too far. Maybe you had RCA connections before and HDMI was somehow disabled? Another possibility is your resolution settings don’t match. When you turn your volume up and use your controller to move around the menu to you hear any sounds? Try plugging it into a different TV and see if it works. If it does, check your output settings before plugging back into this TV. If it doesn’t, and you are absolutely sure that your HDMI cable isn’t the problem, then your problem is your PS3.

All of the above, my guess is the hdmi cable(s). Try a good active cable.

Also make sure your HDMI cable supports HDCP. You also need to make sure the socket you are using on the TV is HDCP compliant.

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