Fire tv cube on sale

Second generation cube on sale for 59.99 for Black Friday. It’s got the new remote. Is this worth it. I’m using 4k max now and it works great. The only issue is the storage. I’ve been using Es explorer to keep it manageable.Any suggestions?

I’m not the biggest Amazon device advocate here, but I do think the Max is the real deal. Especially for the cost. If all you are looking for is extra storage, invest in a good, quality external storage device and add it to the Max. It is a much easier process than older Firesticks, and, although you can’t move all the Amazon garbage over to it, it will alleviate the main storage from newly downloaded apps, etc.

(disclaimer - if you want a new toy, nobody here is stopping you! :fireworks: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with @AMD237 and personally I wouldnt upgrade unless it was to the new 3rd gen box. Amazon has all the old tech on sale so price is right to unload stock.


I agree with the others. A 2nd gen cube isn’t better than the Max. 3RD gen on the other hand~~~~~

I agree with AMD237 my setup is a Fire stick Max with a 3 port USB WITH Ethernet, 2 (32gb) Flash drives. One dedicated to the fire stick for it’s use and the second dedicated to KODI. I found a tweek online to force KODI to use an external drive for all it’s files including cache and thumbnails. This cleared up any running out of space issue as KODI will use it all for Album Art and Fan Art and alike as it needs it.



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i use the 2 gen cubes here in the cabin in mtns and have since they came out i add usb storage to them and i find they work well i dont have much exp with the new max i did buy a couple to to black friday sale and when they have a sale on 3 gen cube i will upgrade but for what i do the older cubes work well the 60 price has been around off on on for the last year i am sure they will do a sale on the new ones soon

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I have both a 2nd gen cube (refurbished for $60) and a fireTV max (refurbished for $30). The refurbished price never changes. It’s the same device.