Fire Tv Cube 2 Performance

So far I’m not really enjoying the fire tv cube 2.

Quick review:

Responsive, fast processing of commands
Increased storage

Cinema doesn’t work with it, app keeps closing
Ipvanish doesn’t work with Ethernet
Controls Comcast box horribly. You say channel 10 it gives you 5. Incredibly frustrating

Verdict - No thanks, I’m returning and going back to my fire tv box generation 2

@bigak209 Thanks for your information. Much appreciated. I will be getting to review this week sometime. I was never impressed with the 1st Gen Cube either.

In not too impressed either! They advertised that you could play music through the AVR with the TV off… Can’t be done… Says you can change the wake up name, cant … Says you can add it to a multi room speaker group, cant… i downloaded Cinema and it totally locked up and had to reset Whats up with that???

@lwright22 I get mine tomorrow so will be doing a review then. From what I have read, it is now using Fire OS 7 which is a new operating system. The Fire TV Stick 4K is based off of Fire OS 6. People have said that right now it isn’t possible to sideload apps to the device. Let’s hope that Amazon starts rolling out some updates to get this fixed. I can’t believe that they won’t allow for this as it is the main reasons why their devices are so popular. If this is the route they are going in the future, I am assuming they will eventually roll Fire OS out to other models as well rendering them useless in terms of sideloading. But, I have a gut feeling that they won’t do this. They would be shooting themselves in the foot. Rumor has it that NVIDIA is coming out with some sort of dongle and if that’s the case, they will bury the Fire TV ecosystem if they don’t allow for sideloading. The only thing I can say right now is either return it or wait and hope for updates.

Hi Troy,
I was able to download Kodi, CatMouse and a few others on your app on the new Fire TV cube so that is NOT an issue! It is for Cinema but I am just using others for now. I am not even sure which download caused it to crash, but after the reset I just installed one at a time and stayed away from Cinema since I “think” that is the one that caused it. I will be curious to see what you think. I upgraded from the fire tv gen 2 but really wanted the cube just to get away from all of the remotes. I bought 2, one works well with TV and AVR but the other seems glitchy and keeps going off line…

@lwright22 Thanks for your input. I’m happy to hear that you actually got those other apps working on there. I watched a few videos where it wasn’t working very well with anything that was sideloaded. Looking forward to diving into it tomorrow.

Hi Troy,
When you get your Cube up and running, please look into the following:

When viewing the tutorials, they freeze up at aprox 1 minute into video. No problem with the regular FireTV though.

Also neither of the mouse toggle versions work. In fact the (later?) version gets hung up during the process requiring a complete (unplug) reboot.

Thx in advance.

So I’ve tinkered around with it during the week. There was a software update I had to go into settings to install. That update fixed the issue with Ipvanish playing nice with the Ethernet so that’s something. I do really love how snappy and responsive it is. The hexcore processor really makes a difference. Cinema is still a no go but cinema clone UnlockMyTv works perfectly so that’s just as good. Area 51 and players klub are working well with it. The cable controls are horrible. Like it kind of works. But generally I end up looking like an asshole when I’m frustrated, screaming at it to go to ESPN. The input switching and volume control work perfect with my surround sound and tv. Tv and surround system are both Vizio. It could be so amazing but a lot of the stuff it claimed to do is mediocre. I’ve decided I’m going to hold onto it until right before the thirty day return window closes. I’ll update more as they hopefully push more software updates.

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Does Cinema work now ?