Fire TV and low storage

So…I love the the fact that, the nVidia Shield allows you to use an EXTERNAL storage source for the primary storage space. I don’t like the fact, that the Shield has been a failure as a streaming IPTV box for me. On the other hand, Amazon’s Fire TV has been flawless at handling the IPTV sources that I use! Here’s the rub. What is up with the Fire TV and it’s lack of storage, since you have to use it’s onboard storage??? It’s storage runs out REALLY fast!!! Even though you connect a external storage onto the F.T., you still run out of onboard storage very quickly. No matter how you install new apps, you RUN OUT OF ROOM!!! Seriously, Fire TV. This is an issue that you need to address. Actually, if Amazon would fix this problem, I would place the Fire TV, above the Shield, in IPTV reliability!

Has anyone found a way to get around the “low storage” issue, on the Fire TV??? VERY irritating! Already tried moving apps to the external storage. Doesn’t make much difference.

I believe the key is to mange what you out on it. It is likely that Kodi Builds is the culprit. I stopped using Builds when using a Fire TV. I only used a handful of add-ons. I reinstalled Kodi using the Troypoint App then sideloaded the few add-ons I used regularly. I put Kodi and everything I could onto external storage. What else are you putting on there? Is all of it really needed? I run a minimalist Kodi and add-ons, an IPTV and backup free one plus two APKs.I didn’t run out of space?


I gave up using Kodi a long time ago as I really don’t see the need for it anymore, especially due to it’s large size and slow response. Using a few APK’s and a primary and secondary IPTV apps and I have everything I need.


Hello Bennie and thank you for all your awesome contributions. Took your advice on using the optical connection and scored a sound bar that replaces the original equipment I was trying to use. Now about the external storage for some apps with the Fire Stick/TV. I have 1 each of Stick and of TV. I recall there is a connector that can be used to provide external storage but cannot find the name of it. Is it OTG or am I totally confused?
Really like reading your posts!
Not sure if I am getting the forum news since it appears the last one I got in my email was on the 16th of this month.

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You are not confused. You had it right.Go to your favorite store such as Amazon and enter a search for OTG Cable. You will be presented with several choices and you can pick the one you like.They all cost between $6 and $7. Glad things are working out for you and I appreciate your confidence in me. Always here if you need me.Thanks!

I wholeheartedly agree with you! You are enjoying the hobby. If you enjoy dealing with all the things you need to do to get Kodi running smoothly it is great. If you just want to watch movies and TV shows, a standalone APK wins hands down every time. Plus a primary and secondary IPTV service and you are on your way. Great job.