Fire stick stuck in white screen

Is there a method of getting fire stick 4k past the white screen? And advice to anyone trying something new make sure de bugging is switched on.
Thanks in hope

Not sure how you got to the white screen, that info might help, but restart the stick and see what happens. Using the remote press both the “select/enter” big center button and the “play/pause” buttons ( just below the home button) for 5 seconds and the stick should restart. Let it do so and see if it’s cleared.

Happens to my occasionally as well. I am usually logged into Cinema HD and when I back out of it to get back to the amazon main screen, the entire screen goes white. Only way I can get off it is to unplug the fire tv and restart it.

Thanks for reply the white screen was caused by me trying to side load google play store I have connected it to pc tried different key strokes but nothing seems to work I’m sure there must be away to sort it but I’m
damed if I can find one
I’m new to this forum although I have been a cord cutter for more years than I can remember (that was the original name if I remember correctly I’m 73 years old so a bit doddery so need more help than I used to but thanks again for getting back so quickly

Please let us know if restarting using the remote works or just plain unplugging and plugging back in. I’m curious if the white screen disappears.

Thanks for getting in touch, I think I have tried everything including using a more powerful mains adapter plugging it into my laptop and pressing a number of keys which is supposed to clear it but no joy. Some suggest pressing and holding different keys on hand controller should work but not in my case I am sure there will be away of clearing it but I haven’t found it yet.
Thanks again for getting in touch

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