Fire stick gladly reminds me of CB radio when it first came out

Showing my age I guess but…

10-4 there Inventordude… well be 10-10 and standing in, over!

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Ahhh… Roger that LOL. Yes my dad had a TV shop and got into the whole CB thing when it came out. Communication left unfuttered is a wonderful thing and builds community and we all learn from it. I became a cable guy and yet I still can’t remember what a 1010 is. But I got to go 10-37 here in a minute. :sunglasses:

cb was cool in the 60s not so much know ham radio is heading that way too kn4uty here

For me it was in the '70s right before all those Burt Reynolds movies etc.

I was heavy into CB. Golden Eagle transmitter and reciever. Co-phase stack 3 beams. VFO. CB on my motorcycle, primitive but it worked. Mobile in my Toyota. Matching balans. Oh my those were the day. No wonder I like the Max.
Have fun and STREAM ON!.



Kind of makes you wonder what will be doing in the next 20 years lol thanks bud

Making lots more memories I hope. ttfn.

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Hey there, Mr. D. KC2UHL here. Have a Radio Shack (gosh I miss that store) CB mobile rig in the garage - used it well into the 70s. Got the General a few years back more for a mental exercise than anything else. Never use it. Always felt it was a good 'ol boys club and never fit in.


yes i know what you mean one club i joined i am at an event for an hr with 35 people and no one talks to you or asks who you are i mostly just listen in fla has the old goats every am at 730 which is interesting 3.910 on the dial
back in fla 2 meters is active here in the mtns its pretty dead

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10-10 is “standing by” or stand-by. 10-37…need a wrecker??
Heres a list of all the 10-10 codes for your future reference (if needed!) The Complete List of CB 10 Codes (Citizens Band Radio) | eCapital they may have changed some over the years…

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You win …

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thats a nice two meter i got most of mine buying and selling kinda stopped that couple yrs back and thats just what i have left

I don’t see the correlation between a fire stick and a CB radio.:thinking::thinking:

everyone has an opinion on it and how it works ie similar to cb radio

Gotcha, 20 characters needed. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I want that…whatever it is.

here in the mountians we call it moonshine!!

Yeah I used to have a TRS-80 and a 20-in-1 electric set from radio shack. That’s really what got the ball rolling for me when I was knee high to a grasshopper