Fire stick 4k slower than ye ole fire tv

Ok so bought a fire stick tv 4k ran some speed test, wifi connection on vpn down load speed 65-75 Mbps. Tried my old fire tv… Mbs between 250 and 320 Mbps. Any ideas. settings as far as can tell are the same so not sure why the discrepancy
Ay ideas?

Hello @k4kaz Double check that VPN is also on on older device. I’ve never seen VPN speeds that fast on any streaming device.

Setup on both the tv and 4k are identical. For the purpose of the test I ensured that vpn was switched off - sorry missed that point in my original note. That was one of the things I wanted to check was hoping the 4k would be running at least as fast as the fire tv bought in 2017.
I then ran with vpn on - fire tv was 311, turned vpn off got 274!!!Explain that. I tried on the 4K with vpn on got 61Mbpsm with vpn off 67
Ii did ensure that i was logging into the same server for all the tests.

Stilll very confused why my fire tv is running almost 5 times faster than the fir stick 4k!

@k4kaz When you say Fire TV from 2017, are you referring to the Fire TV Box? The one with USB or SD card ports on it? I still think there is something going on with that device and it really isn’t connected to the VPN. On that device, try opening Silk browser and go to and make sure you really are connected. The best speeds I ever got with my Fire TV with VPN on was around 80 to 90.

Thanks for your reply. Yes i can confirm that i am using the firetvbox with the SD card.

As suggested i have run the dnstestleak not sure what i am looking for. I can confrim that the ip address showin in IPVanish is the same as the dns shown in the dnsleaktest.

By the way, jsut reran and had download speed of 348.5Mbp with the vpn! And with out the vpn got 253Mbps so ont understand that either but not complaining.

So it seems to be the 2017 fire tv box blows the firestck 4k out of the water!!! Think i will need to buy a second one!!!

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