Fire Stick 4K Max Mobility?

Another dumb question from a New Fire TV / Troy Point Client ! Impressed with my New 43" Fire TV so I purchased my son a Fire Stick 4K Max for Christmas ! Can he program the FS4K Max with the Troy Point applications in the video and take the stick antwhere and use it ? He does a lot of travelling around the USA programing robotics and usually stays in Hotel Rooms OR could he use it at a friends house ?? TY

As long as the network has around 30 to 35MBs download speed and you log into the network using the firestick at each location then you can use the stick anywhere in the world. Please have an active vpn. The Stick is like your little streaming computer that just needs a monitor for the display. The TV is the monitor, and as long as it’s a compatible TV with the HDMI port you should be G2G.

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Thank You !! I hope he joins Troy point and enjoys this experience !

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