Fire cube unplugged

Fire cube. If you unplug and are moving are the apps kept in memory indefinitely. If lost how long do you think they stay

I don’t have a cube but I do have the FireTV OS on my Max and I shut the power off every night and restart in the morning. I have had it off for 2 weeks without losing anything. Fire cube is the same OS so should be the same.


Thank you. Very helpful. Based on your results should reboot itself after being unplugged for quite awhile

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@Marble, since my buzz x5 put my cube in limbo it stays unplugged for about 30 days and when I plug it in to update everything it’s all good.

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Fantastic. We have the answer,

Thank you.

Yes it should. Now remember while you have it off there may be updates issued so when you plug it back in it may take a while to boot up, so don’t panic.

I find WEEKLY maintenance on any streaming device and router should include unplugging BOTH devices for 30 seconds then plug back in for optimal performance. This clears a lot of junk that may accumulate.


I agree I reboot my modem and router also weekly with a gosund timer set up to do everything as I sleep. @TXRon suggested it to me a while ago and has been working out great :v::sunglasses:

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