Finish show on seperate device

I’m fairly new to iptv, been trying different services and so far I’m blown away by it. I am extremely curious and unsure how to search for it but is there a service, player or app that allows me to be watching a show or movie in my bedroom and be able to pause it and continue watching it on another firestick in my living room at the same spot I paused it at? Might sound confusing but hopefully someone will understand and be able to help me.

Not that I’m aware of, @Thegoddamncops.

I use the cinema app and also log into the trak TV website. If I’m on episode 3 of a certain season of a show at least on the other fire stick I’ll know what episode I last watched. But it doesn’t resume at the exact time stamp that I stopped on the previous fire stick. Hope this helps


Not for live tv on iptv. @Thegoddamncops

That would require a recording device on both and both devices hooked up to that storage.

Best bet is to watch something using a vod style get trakt and login to other box then resume in another room. Those streams save your progress.

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Wouldn’t a Plex server solve the problem?

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