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Hi all. Hope everyone had as best of a Christmas as can be expected these days.

I was wondering what is the best way to find specials that aired recently on TV but don’t fall into “Movies” or “TV Shows” since the latter assumes it is a recurring show with episodes and seasons.

Specifically, my wife wants to watch the Royal Variety Performance 2021 that aired recently on ITV. I tried recording it with my IPTV service but recording on there is hit and miss and it didn’t record properly. When I search through various Kodi Add Ons, I get no hits for that show.

I’m sure I can find a torrent for it somewhere. So what do people do on an NVIDIA Shield Pro to search for and download torrents, either in Kodi or as a standalone app?

Just thought I’d throw it out there. I have my PC setup for this kind of thing but I’m wondering if it might be easier to set something up on the Shield.



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From my search it’s on you tube. I can’t say exactly where as I don’t like or use you tube. I’ll keep looking.

Ok so I’m watching it on my Firestick 4K Max. Thanks for this btw. I set my VPN to Australia/Melbourne I think it was as the free broadcast is on abc there, then opened my silk browser, any browser should work. I entered this>

hit enter then clicked the on screen link and it’s playing.

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I would like to point out, you don’t always need a special app to watch free TV, your internet browser is an app and if there is “live” TV it’s all you need that and a VPN for geo blocking.

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Thanks Miki, I didn’t think to look in Aus for this. I live in Canada and last I checked we were part of the Commonwealth but I didn’t see it listed on any Canadian channels.

But I was asking in general when I’m looking for some kind of event show. Like before xmas I was looking for the Saturday Night Live holiday show but whenever I searched for it I just got a listing of all the seasons of SNL. I finally recorded it when it aired. But I got to thinking that I used to be able to find these events on bittorrent quite easily but the searches on kodi or syncler and so on tend to be geared towards tv shows with seasons and episodes.

But thanks for mentioning youtube. I tend to stay away from that because of the intrusive ads (and no, I don’t want to have yet another premium subscription).

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You can find most using your browser. I don’t record as I can find almost anything to watch (VOD) when I want, like this performance. Have a great boxing day. Oh and these days it doesn’t matter where you live much anymore a VPN and you’re g2g.

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