Film plus Opensubtitles

Using mx player on Filmplus. Fire cube. When use VPN get sub zip error Opensubtitles does not download. No vpn Opensubtitles downloads.

Any suggestions

If you have a popup/ad blocker turn it off and try.

Thank you. No download with IPVanish and Surfshark but have add blocker on Surfshark.

Should mention that if Subscene is available it works with the vpn.

Will try turning the blocker off on Surfshark.

Does the forward folder in mx player have anything to do with this

I find that, as an experiment, when I disconnected Surfshark VPN, the OpenSubtitles downloaded and zipped open fine. Subscene worked whether Surfshark was connected or not.

I have seen that happen too with both Surfshark and IP Vanish.
Yes Subscene seems to always work but not always available.

I have a stong system and have fiddled enough.
I believe Filmplus need to review how they handle Opensubtitles and what’s different from how they handle Subscene

I have found working subtitles towards bottom of list. Might have to click on a couple but that usually for me

Thanks. Helpful but as noted by me and others Subscene always seems to work when available. Should not have to consistently not get opensubt

Also for me when I scroll down Filmplus options with RD the lower I go the lower the resolution.

Yes you can sort resolutions in settings. I totally agree it’s not working correctly but just letting you know what helped me even though it’s a pain

Yes and I appreciate your good thoughts to help.

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