Files on the USB drive

I am using the sandisk method, per Troypoint video, for storing my apps on it rather the the 4K max firestick. When I download an app either from Troypoint or unlinked it does go to the flashdrive except when I downloaded Kodi it appears on both the flashdrive and the firestick. I tried deleting the firestick files and leave the files on the sandisk and when I go to open Kodi it has me download it again and it goes on the firestick. Obviously the Kodi files are quite large. Is this normal?
Thank you

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Hi I think that sense Kodi is a program part of the program has to stay on the OS side. Hope this helps.

Kodi does install files on both the Firestick and USB memory stick. Keep an eye on them, I read here that they can get quite large.

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