FEN Kodi Addon New Install Method for Firestick/Android TV

The Fen Kodi Addon installation URL is no longer available. Here’s a workaround for installing this popular Kodi Addon.

Was able to download the file from Downloader… However, on Kodi, there was no downloader file just a download file. Thus I could not find the Fen file.
And yes, I am using the current stable release

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Same issue for me. Downloader doesn’t seem to be a folder under external on two different tvs. Thanks

Tikipeter repo has been added back sometime today, with Fen.


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Thanks PapaS. Got it installed. :grinning:

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New Onn Box? Try looking inside the Download folder and see if the Downloader folder is there. I had one like that.

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I had the problem on a 19 Shield and a new ONN.

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Did you check the Download folder and see if the Downloader folder was inside there on either one?

Fen has become my favorite addon. Yes, even more than The Crew which was my first choice for quite some time.

I did look at the Download folder on the ONN. I did find a Downloader that I clicked on but what it showed didn’t look at all familiar to what I was looking for. Should I be installing a Downloader on Kodi as well as the one on the box?

No, just the one Downloader app is all you need. If you had used the Downloader app to download anything recently, you should see the files contained in that Downloader folder. (unless you already deleted them)

I have the same problem. Click on Add-on, Install from Zip, Click on Downloader, nothing is there?
I used the old system by typing in https://tikipeter.github.io to Add File Source and it installed fine.

Special thanks to @PapaS for letting us know that the Fen Kodi Addon install URL is back!

I’ve updated our tutorial showing how to install with the installation URL so if you are having problems, please revisit the following page and follow the updated guide.