Fen closed down

Has fen closed down ? It was working flawlessly but now all I get is no links.

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It was working fine for me last night? I’ll check it when I get home today. When did it start not working for you?

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Fen with some other addons was closed and shut down we have a post on it.

Apparently it came back up but a paid only which means real debrid. First check your real debrid subscription.

If its all free you’re looking for then forget it it wont happen.

working just fine here at 10:45 am

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FEN has been working flawlessly for me: I’ve been using it for the past few days, as recently as this morning, since Seren started performing erratically after its last update, mostly with its communication with Trakt.

Fen is working for us as of last night & presently.
TP’s article (not the headline) seems to indicate that it is not available to install if you don’t already have it.

Dopey me.it was my real debrid. Thanks guy.


It’s okay, it happens. Always check that first. Thank you for being a founding member!