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Hello Everyone, I’m currently using the Aeon Nox Silvo skin on Kodi. Does anyone know if you can customize a setting so that when you view your favorites it opens as a page full of thumbnails instead of just a list view? I’m looking for something similar to Cinema. If there’s another skin that allows me to do that I’m open to all suggestions, thanks.

Hey @Joela63
So the short answer is yes.
You need to go into settings, then look for something that says view types or something similar. Then just play around with the settings until you get what you like. SILVO is easily customizable and a good skin. I use Metropolis and it’s easily customizable too.
Come back here and ask if you have more questions or let me know.

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Thanks @Sbrowne126, I was looking for a while earlier and didn’t see anything similar to what you’re describing…but I’ll check again.

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