Favorite Skin for Kodi

What’s your favorite skin.I like Amber, but would like some other options for Matrix 19.4 Also The more I can customize it the better.

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I like the estuary, but I have to admit that I havent looked at any others for quite some time. You perked my curiosity and will try the others. I’ll let you know if I change my mind.

Is Estuary customizable. I never tried to change anything with it .

There are some customizations you can make. Check settings>interface>skin>configure skin.

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Never liked Estuary (actually, I detest it). I always install the old Confluence skin, much to my kids’ horror!!!

In Matrix 19.4 when you go to where you can change skins and click on more ,there are about 10 or so additional skins. Are all these compatible with matrix? I’ve read that some of those skins on the list aren’t. If not why do they list them in matrix19.4

I like skins in sidekicktheme.net

Can’t say but I suspect you read wrong.

The only reason I like estuary is because it’s the default skin and when I install a fresh kodi, which I do alot, I am up and running with my favorite addons loaded in about 5 minutes. I do some, but not alot of customization. I tested them all just to see if I was missing anything really awesome, I liked about half of them, but not enough to switch. I have to admit, i didn’t spend alot of time on them.

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