External Space Recognized but Not Used

I have an External flash drive (250GB of 250GB available) added to my Fire Stick 4K Max and it is recognized as ‘External Space’. It shows up along with the graphic showing the remaining ‘Internal Space’ under the ‘Manage Installed Applications’ of the Fire Stick. I got a message saying I was almost out of space and then the only way to solve the issue was to delete a number of apps (Crackle, Plex and Tubi). Is there a way to force installation of new apps to my External Space of if I wished to download a movie, force it to be put on my External Space?
Thanks in advance.

It is formatted as “external” when used for recordings, if you want “apps” on it you have to format as “internal”

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OK. And I do that how exactly? All I did was format it as FAT32. Is this another format setting?

Go to settings>my fire tv>USB Drive . The options are in there.

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

Guides are here.

Hi Miki
Have u every tried the adl shell app on the 4k max to place a partition on the external? I never tried it,
I did it on the 4k but never bothered with the max.

I haven’t done it on the Max as I don’t record anything. I only use the extra storage for apps.

You format the USBDrive as Fat32 as that is all that FireTV is. But it can then be set up as external(recording) and readable on any device or “internal”(for apps only) and cannot be read by another device.

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