External player in kodi

Is it possible to add an external player like vlc or mx player to kodi instead of using the default player? I’m using an nvidia shield.



Correction, as I was playing with kodi they took out the play using option to use external video players.

I’m looking into ways but the one is adding the actual .exe of vlc into the programming… but that’s on the pc. I will keep looking.

Need to make a playercodefactory xml file.


Don’t know if this will help or not but I found this: How to play Kodi streams in VLC Media Player


Yeah I’ve seen that but it’s on pc, I’m not sure if it’s for android boxes

It can be done on Android boxes.

Have to use es file and place the .xml into kodis userdata folder.


Is it easy to do yourself



Depends, for me it was easy.

I used send my files to tv, I selected in the settings where I wanted my file to go, which was the kodi user data folder then I picked my .xml sent from my phone to the box.

Can use es file commander as well.

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