Expressvpn will not work in H96_Max_RK3566

purchased H96_Max_RK3566, 128GB, on 4th.July 2022. Usual login with google account and clicked to take unknown sources. Started with Expressvpn latest app for android, V.10.43.0… Firstly from Play store. Launched app, flashed up to start then shut down. did not work. Logged into my Expressvpn account and installed from there. Did not work. Contacted via chat Expressvpn. Over 2 hours, could not fix it. Stated to go through another router? Expressvpn works ok on firestick and other android boxes but will not fire up on this box. Any help on this. cheers

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Not sure what’s going on with your VPN . I’ve used ipVanish on those boxes and it worked fine. That being said, I hate the H96 max. The chipset overheats causing live tv to freeze up.
Hope you find a solution :crossed_fingers:
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Thank you. Stuck with the box. Thinking on ipvanish as express vpn does no do port forwarding. Ipvanish is best choice over express vpn. Cheers.

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Port forwarding is not an issue here and not needed for a vpn app. Try switching the hdmi cable from box to tv with a good cable, reboot everything and try again and post back.

Iv’e been with IPVanish for years now and never had a problem with them

Can you return it? How long ago did you buy the box?
If you can’t return The box you can still use it for video on demand . I would use standalone apps though because KODI lags on that box. Always have that message in the lower right corner that reads " working" …as it’s not working :person_facepalming:

Some vpn versions wont run on some android mobile os, you ether get the mobile app version or it wont work period.

Example, pia on ugoos will not run period.

Thank you to all for help on this topic that express vpn will not work in th H96 box. Although use firestick also use mecool box and it works fine. Now looking into ipvanish and first payment and offer for 2 years. Again thanks to all and troypoint for his site. Cheers

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I would be curious to look at the box with nonworking Express if you are in NOVA area. Always worry, some VPN provider has a bug they do not know about, and it exposes my traffic. I exclusively use Express, but have IP Vanish too. (Thanks Troy!!!) and have several other VPN options I can subscribe to. If it is a bug, we could split the bug bounty! I have gotten one so far, just piddling around with another package. And I had the “did not encrypt the tunnel” issue with an unnamed popular VPN. (Bad news, but I caught it before anything happened.) Very lucky - I was analyzing outbound traffic, saw plaintext and said &%^$! Company found the issue and had a new release out in less than 24 hours. That impressed me.

Thank you for info. Express vpn had me download latest vpn with no joy. Its the box. Ipvanish will be put in. Cheers.

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