Express VPN Moves Servers

ExpressVPN moves servers out of India to escape customer data retention law

Privacy service will keep working, just beyond the reach of India’s government

Virtual private network operator ExpressVPN will pull its servers from India, citing the impossibility of complying with the nation’s incoming requirement to record users’ identities and activities.

ExpressVPN offers software that routes traffic through servers that load their operating systems entirely into RAM and therefore leave no trace of users’ activities on persistent media. The outfit suggests that’s a point of difference to other VPN providers.

ExpressVPN refuses to participate in attempts to limit internet freedom.
But that design is a problem given India’s recently introduced requirement that VPN providers verify customers’ identity, retain their contact details, and store five years worth of data describing their “ownership pattern”.

In a blog post, ExpressVPN states its all-RAM design makes compliance with India’s rules impossible because it doesn’t store any logs of users’ activites.
The company also dislikes India’s rules, which it has described as “incompatible with the purpose of VPNs.”

“The law is also overreaching and so broad as to open up the window for potential abuse,” the post adds. “We believe the damage done by potential misuse of this kind of law far outweighs any benefit that lawmakers claim would come from it.”

“ExpressVPN refuses to participate in the Indian government’s attempts to limit internet freedom.”


Thanks Miki good to see this. Been using Express VPN for a while


Same here. ExpressVPN the best I have used. I keep IPVanish around too for pc, phones, etc since it has unlimited connections. (Express limited to 5, I use for all android boxes)

Tried half a dozen different ones and the one that I’ve stuck with for a year also is expressvpn. Also keep backup ivacy. (Couldn’t refuse the price on ivacy):rofl:

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Ditto that. I ditched IPVanish 4 years ago for ExpressVPN. No regrets. They are the best out there, even if a bit on the pricy side with a limit of 5 connections at a time. Looks like they are very good at protecting their customers data and privacy. Well worth it.


Im glad they are ditching india. They are moving into bad territory.

I disagree with everyone about express vpn. I do not think its the best but its in the top. Also a hardwired connection over wifi will net you a better experience with vpns.

If anyone is on 5ghz and more than 10 feet or major interference will have issues with speed. I recently setup a mesh network which has helped boost wifi 5. My desktop gets 800 down on wifi more than 10 feet away. Impressive.

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Which VPNs do you think are better for streaming than Express? Not trying to start an argument or anything, just am genuinely curious as I obviously have not tried them all. Is Surfshark really as good as the reviews say it is?

Agree with the hard wired, always the way to go. If that isn’t available, a Wifi 6 mesh system with all Wifi 6 boxes have helped me significantly throughout my house.