Expanding external storage MeCool KM 7 plus

Got a SanDisk 256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - SDCZ430-256G-G46 slapped it in the usb slot,selected storage and format,for whatever reason it causes the box to go in an endless loop.It works fine with 16 or 32 gb so unsure why it’s not wanting to play nice with the 256.Any hints or tips would be great.

try putting it in a pc and format it to ntfs and try again

I will try that and report back,thanks for the tip Ron.

tried that and no luck.The mecool simply says usb storage device is safely ejected. :frowning:

thing is I watched troy do the video using a sandisk 256gb with this same box,and it worked fine for him.USb device wasn’t exactly the same but both sandisk 256

check your usb settings in the android settings and developer options. Ive not used the km7(at least I dont think I have) and look for a usb/otg/host type of settings. You might try switching to mtp mode in developer settings.

I will look for that and give it a go…one thing which may or may not be of importance…the drive even though it’s branded and packaged as sandisk reads as vendorco gonna look that up and see if I can find anything on that.

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I have one, its super short and good for installing internally on a terramaster nas. Works well for that and not too expensive for a sandisk 3.1. It should work but cant say ive ever used it for storage. I usually will load an operating system on it for nas install.

Possible there is a size restriction on the box? dunno

beginning to think that is the issue,but still in the video troy did on the mecool km7 he was able to format a sandisk 256gb as extra storage.Puzzling.

but again thank you for your help Ron

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I was looking at a Ugoos yesterday and max it would allow was 32gb. Just saying…

yea I’m gonna be totally bummed if that’s all it will allow

that’s what has me perplexed,how did troy get it to work lol?

fyi, ive had a 5TB hooked up to my km2, km6 and ugoos ut-8… so its doable, just not sure with that box. You really need to check all permissions etc.

I searched high and low for permissions and was unable to find anything that you mentioned.

another option would be a router with a usb plug on back. Most routers will allow to use that as storage and then direct recordings to there.

yea I have a network share that I use tivimate and fire stick with.Was hoping to be able to get around that maybe.

ok, maybe you will get it sorted

you know enabling developer options is a pretty important step lol I totally forgot to do that.

Just a bit of a follow up here,you can indeed expand beyond 32gb.Found an old onn 64gb usb 2.0 drive,plugged it into the km7 immediately recognized it and was able to format and use as storage.The trick will be trying other drives along the way.Gonna guess it is pretty much hit or miss as to which ones will or won’t work.


On a whim I bought a pny attache 128gb drive,the price was great $8.Plugged it into the Km7 and it recognized it straight away,formatted and working like a charm.For whatever reason the sandisk mini just didn’t play well with the mecool km7.128 gb should be plenty for all my storage needs.

Once again thanks to all that responded

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