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I’m trying to reinstall KODI exodus on both a Sony Android TV and a Firestick. The KODI app is downloaded and so is the Exodus Redux. When attempting to add video from the repository, the redux option does not appear. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times on both devices - same issue.

Any help is appreciated.

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Welcome@torch please go to the website and use the tutorial to add Exodus in Kodi. The install guide is in the best Kodi add-ons for the month. It sounds like you’re not doing them in the correct order or something to that effect. The repo is from GitHub so maybe that’s the problem, if you follow troypoint guide it will walk you right through it. Hope this helps.

I don’t believe it’s user error, especially since I’ve added KODI to many devices over the years. On further reading, it seems exodus won’t work with KODI 19 builds. I did just add The Crew as an add-on and it appears to work and almost identically to Exodus in terms of interface.

Now, the bigger issue is the significant number of No Streams Available situation on many of the programs we attempt to watch. That situation has become increasingly bad for a couple of years, no matter what builds / reinstalls we’ve tried. It got to a point where we gave up watching KODI this past year or so. And yes we’ve been using a VPN too on and off - no difference !


Exodus wont work with 19 and higher. Only leia. Also free streams tend to disappear, the best kodi experience especially with the crew would be to add real debrid which is 4-6 bucks.

Always use the search function becuase this comes up alot.

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The Crew is one of the best Add- on so you got a great one. Yes most work similar, Glad you found what you needed. As far as streams not being available. I have not noticed that. Real-debrid is a must for reliable streams. Have a great day

Thanks all

I’ve never pulled the trigger on real debrid. Have to give it a try. On that note, is one subscription usable on multiple devices ?

A Real-Debrid account can be used on multiple devices as long as they are on the same IP address. For example, you can set up one Real-Debrid account on up to five devices in your home if they all share the same IP address.


We have two homes - guess we have to purchase a second real debrid account ?

Also, if using a VPN, won’t that impact real debrid’s ability to validate the IP address ?

You set up and access your Real Debrid account with the VPN off.

Hi Torch

I have one RD account and take my Android box to Cyprus for the winter to watch over there. Even though I live in UK I have never had a problem with RD in Cyprus

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