Exit CrewNique To Kodi Main Program

Just installed CrewNique per Kodi video. It appears to be working but how do I get out of the Crew add-on and back to my main Kodi screen if I want to use another/different add-on?


Never used this build but can you click on the arrow at the bottom right portion of the screen next to the IMDB button and scroll right? Hopefully to the apps button.

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The build is based on the crew so the main KODI page will have the fusia crew theme . Scroll across menu to addons to access other addons. You can also install more through the repository . Good luck

Thanks for the advice. However, when I go to the other addons, there are none listed, even though I’d installed some before installing Crew. I guess I mistakenly thought that Crew would leave my Kodi main system intact and when iwanted to activate it, I would simply go to the addons window of Kodi and select it, leaving all other system settings intact. Now I know differently. Live and learn.

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I’m just guessing but when you did your install you chose fresh install. If you choose standard it will leave Kodi add- on alone. But this build should have everything you need and is fast.

Not sure if you k ow but there is " The Crew " video addon and then there is “CrewNique” which is a build based on Kodi . Once you install CrewNique it replaces the Kodi build you were using :pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

Yep. I followed Troypoint’s step-by-step and did a clean install. I know better now. I guess I’ve got an excuse to do another clean install from the ground up with Kodi.

Thanks. I didn’t but I do now. Fortunately, no harm done. Just more work for myself to do over.

Sorry to hear. Which build were you using ?

We’ve all done it, that’s how we learn. Sometimes the hard way! but now you know how to fix it . Good job

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Yep. Live and learn. Do it once and you won’t forget it!

Kodi build was 19.4. Not much to do now but uninstall Kodi and initiate a do over. If I could get to the main Kodi screen, maybe I could do something but the CrewNique seems to have created it’s own environment that swallowed Kodi. And while the terminology is the same in CrewNique, the previous addons that I installed in Kodi do not show up anywhere. At least not anywhere I can find them. I’ll redo this weekend and straighten it out. Good practice for me.


Not sure if your trying to go back to the stock appearance of Kodi ? if so you need to switch skins, go to settings if that option is in their, it should be. Then switch it to Estuary.

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Whenever you see the word * build " that means it will customize Kodi with video addons , graphics etc. If you just want bare bones Kodi you don’t have to uninstall it . Just go to device settings , apps , Kodi, clear data . That will bring you back to stock KODI and you can start installing your addons of choice . Good luck. :pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

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You installed it as a build instead of an add-on. I mistakenly did the same thing then deleted it and reloaded it as an add-on.

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Use the Troy fork 19.4. It runs independent of Kodi

I know what the fork is. I’m only running 19.4 so I don’t have any need to use a fork. :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

The fork bypasses Kodi 19.4. I use Crew through the fork notwitstanding Kodi 19.4. Just a suggesting!

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Not sure why you’re suggesting. I’m not having any problems nor did I request help :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:

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